MyBandBook Released

MyBandBook has finally made their software open to all musicians! MyBandBook has been in use for years by a small test group of musicians. We built our software with the musician in mind! The entire software has been designed around making your job as a musician easier. Our software will seamlessly allow you to choose any song in your set list. Once a song is selected the sheet music and background tracks will automatically queue up on your screen as well as all the other band members screens keeping you and your band member in sync at all time. With a single click MyBandBook will easily allow any band member to choose any song in their set list, regardless of what order it was originally saved in. Once a song is selected not only will you see the Sheet music, it will also queue up and play any background track associated with that song. We are excited for you to download and try MyBandBook free for 30 days.

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